I’d be glad to give you a reference regarding Peter Winter. I have been working with Peter for exactly 5 years to the day.  And it has been great!

As a Benefit Manager for a few different companies over the past 30 some odd years, Peter and his team have been the best I have ever worked with.  There has never been any issues or problems with his team, they are always current with all the laws, and what needs to be done.  (And really great working with you to make any changes.)  The team is very helpful, they have come to us in L.A. whenever they have been needed.  Sometimes stop by just to see if all is o.k.  I have given the team employee problems, they have fixed the problem and with my permission spoken with the employee to give answers; and they will also give you the same information – so you know they have spoken with the employee.  If I have to make changes to my contracts with vendors, it gets done.

They are friendly, nice, and a joy to work with and basically make it easier for you.  I cannot say enough on how great they are.

You would not regret working with Peter Winter and Westlake Risk.

“I cannot tell you enough how much you have helped my family by dealing with insurance companies. ”

“I really appreciate all you do Alice!! Makes work nicer with people like you.”

“Without your help I’d either have lost my mind trying to battle between Aetna and the hospital or I would have ended up paying many $100’s more since I’m the little guy. Thank you!”

“As usual, you jumped right onto an employee problem with Aetna and solved it perfectly and quickly! Cindy is ecstatic with what you did. Thanks once again for your great service!”

“I want to let you know I received EOB letters regarding these claims, and forwarding them to collection agency. Thank you very much for all your help, your attention and efficiency are absolutely first-class!!!!!”

“Peter and his staff were very helpful; the surgery is approved and is back on for next Wednesday. Thanks for escalating the issue.”

“I am very pleased to recommend Peter Winter and his outstanding organization, Westlake Risk. Peter and his team consistently provide excellent service to our company.”

“The staff at Westlake Risk demonstrated an excellent knowledge and professionalism regarding our employee’s insurance need. They give various insurance options to make a company save premiums.”