Our Trusted Advisors

All of us need assistance in many areas of our business and personal life outside of our own areas of expertise. We are pleased and proud to introduce our friends and clients to experts that we know can be of value to you.These are experts in several areas like Human Resources, Accounting, Legal Advice, WealthManagement and Investment Advice. Please feel free to ask us about these fine professionals or click on their links to learn more. We recommend them highly.



With our assistance, businesses can strengthen their human resources and safety functions, bolster compliance efforts, and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties and employment litigation. Our employee relations programs, including training for front-line management and issue identification/resolution, are key ingredients to turning companies with low productivity and morale into high performing workplaces. ACG has also helped a multitude of clients overcome labor relations challenges, including union organizing efforts and thorny labor negotiations.Click on this link to access American Consulting Group OR Email Eric Martin



Human Resource outsourcing from Kaplan HR will help you with any HR consulting you need. Whether you need Human Resource consulting or HR outsourcing, we can handle all of your human resource needs.

Realizing that it’s not always practical for small and mid-sized businesses to employ full-time human resource professionals, Kaplan HR serves to fill this gap. Kaplan HR has experience in a variety of industries and expertise in all areas of human resources. You determine the process and we relieve you of the day-to-day administration of human resource details. Our services include: Establish HR policies, procedures and legal compliance, hire and develop the best talent, reduce hiring and termination headaches, employee relations and benefits. In addition, we assist you with increasing productivity and minimizing potential liabilities.Click on this link to access KaplanHR web site directly



Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. – we have become a national alternative to the Big Four, and currently have over 35 locations across the U.S. and over 265 shareholders. We realize and appreciate our responsibilities to clients and to the public – banks, investors, bonding companies, regulatory authorities and others. Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.’s goal is to fulfill these responsibilities accurately and effectively. We strive to provide sound financial reporting and assurance services that meet or exceed our clients’ needs, while simultaneously satisfying the needs of those who utilize these financial statements and reports.We deal with Marty Marietta out of the Oxnard office and he can be reached at 805.988.3222 or e-mail mmarietta@CBIZ.com. Click on this link to access our recommended Accountant Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C. – Marty Marietta web site



Bob is a senior level financial executive with over 30 years experience as a CFO, controller, and treasurer for both private and public organizations. He has worked with a broad range of companies including retail, direct mail, catalog, internet, distribution, hospitality, property management and non-profit organizations. His high energy, enthusiasm and passion for the CFO role enables him to quickly evaluate and solve problems that support the operational goals of the company. Click on this link to access our recommended senior level financial executive